Monday, August 1, 2011

A Season of Bees

I have been stung six times this season, maybe seven. It has caused me to think much about bees, about their work, and about their meaning. I have a neice named "Deborah", so I know the name to mean "bee", likened to a diligent worker. I have laughed that there are an army of Deborahs in my garden this year! I have been the interupter, getting in the way of their work with my camera and with my gardening. They have just been doing the work of bees, industriously going about the tasks at hand. Strong's Concordance says that bees "move in the sense of orderly motion with systematic instincts". It is how they are made, and what they are created to do, combating anything that would hinder their work. This year, I have been the one to stand in their way and they came against me, effectively stopping my intrusion with a very tiny but effective weapon...a venemous stinger. I have read they die afterward. They are willing to give their very life for what they are created to do. Not many of us could say that. Pondering all these things has made me know we have much to learn from these tiny creatures, who are steadfast workers, and fearless and mighty warriors.

Judges 5:1-3