Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nameless One

The day was warm

but Nameless One was bundled

in heavy, soiled clothing.

He read intently, not noticing my camera

and I felt like and intruder pointing it his way,

but there was something I knew my heart needed to remember

from the unsolicted moment.

I wondered if he sought escape

from the world he had come to know,

or if the words he read were the very thing

that helped him feel connected to it.

I wondered what had led him there,

and if there had once been days of

intently reading his paper

with coffee in hand

and family all around.

My heart was crying

and I wanted to ask him

if he'd like a coffee now,

but the car was already speeding away

and he moved out of my vision

as quickly as he had come into it.

I think of him now

and the many he represents

with a prayer.